Friendships and little newborns (also some David Austin roses)

I have moved around a fair bit throughout my life, which means that friendships have taken time to both develop and keep. Having said that, I have been extremely lucky and I can say with certainty, that I have some of the most wonderful and caring friends. One of those friends hails from Singapore but has established herself right here, in Australia.

A few weeks ago she asked if I could make a bouquet for someone who would soon have a little boy. The story behind this little family moved us and we decided that this bouquet needed to carry some of that story of love behind it.

We embarked early in the morning (4:40am to be exact) in search of some special roses known as David Austin-Auspastor. These roses are commonly known as “patience” and are beautifully aromatic. As any mother can attest to, patience is a virtue which is needed from the moment a little one is born. You must have patience with yourself as a new mom, patience towards those around you as a new family dynamic takes shape and patience in knowing that things will slowly fall into place.


Whilst browsing the markets I stumbled upon some delicate tulips which reminded me of the beautiful poem by Sylvia Plath, aptly named, “Tulips”. These blooms have been the subject of poetry and art for centuries as they have come to symbolise both paradise on earth and the fleetingness of life. To me, they are a reminder of beauty yes, but most importantly of living a life full of love and appreciation for those around you.


White carnations were a must as they have always been associated with innocence and good luck. For foliage, viburnum were the perfect finishing touch. With more than 150 varieties, these hardy shrubs can thrive in varied climates, attracting multiple species of birds and butterflies. They are a symbol of adaptability, resilience and a sense of cooperation and community. We were sold!


We sent off the little arrangement with a little note, which you can see here. My dear friend was happy and so were we.

Until then, happy flower arranging!

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