Of Frogs and Flowers- arranging your bouquet at home

Have you ever looked at an arrangement and thought: “How beautifully placed!”. A lot of the time we buy a beautiful bunch of flowers only to come home and feel like the magic is gone as soon as we unwrap them.

The trick to arranging at home is not necessarily having a vase fitted to individual arrangements but being able to play with our flowers so they suit whatever container we already own.

Enter the kenzan or as it is commonly named, the flower frog. The flower frog was created by the makers of Ikebana and its sole purpose is to hold flowers in place.  The design is clever and simple. A lead plate with multiple spikes made out of brass which is small enough to fit into a vase but has enough weight to keep both the vase and flowers stable.


I picked gerberas because their beautifully broad corollae would showcase the importance of placement (also, I’ll take any excuse to have gerberas at home!). Without the flower frog, picking a vase to suit these long stemmed flowers would be tricky. In order to keep them upright, you would need a tall but extremely narrow vase, which is difficult to find.


With the placement of the frog at the very bottom, the flowers can be arranged to suit the desired shape.


With soft stemmed-flowers, like gerberas, plan your display and then cut to desired length. Once stems as soft as these are pierced by the spikes, re-arrangement becomes difficult as it weakens the bottom of the stem. If this happens, just re-cut and arrange once again.

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Until then, happy flower arranging!



2 thoughts on “Of Frogs and Flowers- arranging your bouquet at home

  1. I want all the flowers in the world at home!


    1. That would be a beautiful home indeed! Someone should definitely dream that up in a book!

      Liked by 1 person

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