Wreaths and Flower Hoops

When making a posy or floral arrangement one of the most common byproducts is wastage. In floristry terms this means flowers and leaves which have had to be removed from individual stems in order to have workable materials. Many florists simply discard them as it would be time consuming to preserve them for future orders.

Looking through floristry books I encountered the concept of wreaths. I know that the word wreath conjures in your mind an old-fashioned Christmas arrangement suited for some otherwise boring door in some big house. However wreaths and more importantly, floral hoops, have been used in weddings since Victorian times. Many a flower girl carried one instead of a basket full of petals or small posies.

In order to make a wreath or flower hoop, leaves and small cut flowers are wired and then attached to the base. Taking into account the occasion, temperature and colour scheme, the flower enthusiast is only bound by their own creativity. The possibilities are endless.

Wilde Flora is a Brisbane-based florist who making the most beautiful wreaths. They are like a breath of fresh air in a sea of pine cones and poinsettias. They truly suit the Australian climate, its aesthetic and feel.

I certainly hope more florists follow suit as it would be wonderful if the wastage produced in the making of other flower arrangements could be used to make these instead.

Until then,
Happy flower arranging!


Images: 1. Wilde Flora | 2. Wilde Flora


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